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Baby Banz

Baby Banz sunglasses are best known for their unique wrap-around, banded design and 100% UV protective lenses. Often imitated, but never duplicated, Baby Banz continues to be the standard for baby and children's sunglasses and UV protection worldwide.

Baby Banz & Kidz Banz are a necessity to cover infant and toddler eyes from the harmful rays of UV (ultraviolet) light. The lenses are UV400 meaning they block out the entire spectrum of UVA, UVB and UVC rays from the sun.

The Baby Banz Inc. journey began in 2001 in Australia, one of the harshest UV climates in the world. One Australian's search for a proper pair of sunnies for his infant son forced him to take action, leading to the inevitable development of the now popular Baby Banz sunglasses.

As parents, we are always trying to protect our children, while also keeping them comfortable and looking cute. Baby Banz is the perfect solution for this! As studies reveal the effects of UV damage, we must not overlook the need to preserve children’s sensitive skin and eyes.


Get your child a pair of sunglasses from the industry’s leader in all aspects of sun protection for children aged 10 and under. Baby Banz sunglasses insure a comfortable, snug fit for those delicate noggins, leaving out the dangers of having sunglass arms snapping off.

In a deteriorating UV climate, Baby Banz continues its journey, striving to preserve the sensitive eyes and precious skin of generations of little ones to come.

Baby Banz – The Ultimate in Children’s Sun Protection