Carrera’s extraordinary adventure began way back in 1956 when Wilhelm Anger founded it in Austria.

When creating the brand, Anger took inspiration from the Carrera Panamericana, a six-day race across Mexico to celebrate the completion of the Pan-American Highway. The race was widely considered to be the most dangerous race in the world. Anyone could enter, but only the ones with a burning desire to race did.

Carrera represents an energetic & dynamic lifestyle because it communicates emotion. These are the elements behind the driving success of the company that makes Carrera produce valuable products.  All products are developed with an innovative & functional design able to meet the needs of sportswear trends without forgetting fashion.  Carrera sunglasses are not only tested in the laboratory but are also worn by athletes during the coursework of competitions. 

‘Being a leader means to be ahead of the time.’ This is the attitude that Carrera has always followed, launching successful sunglasses, ski helmets and goggles. Half a century of international victories in many sports represents the result of a complete passion for product development and continuous technological research.

Today, Carrera eyewear is a synonym of technology, safety, innovation and design.

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