Welcome to the Carve team!

Carve sunglasses is a brand that encompasses both sports and fashion conscious designs. Adored by surfers, Carve is a collection of iconic, retro, and trendy frames. Colours rule, and the array of styles make for perfect wearing even if you’ve never set foot on a snowboard, surfboard or skateboard.

Founded by Sydney surfers in 1998, Carve is a surf lifestyle brand that extends to the snowy slopes as well. The brand’s history is carved from the mountains and the beaches of the southern hemisphere; its future is in those surfers and snowboarders. Carve eyewear has an array of designs and an extensive collection of superb polarised lenses.

Carve Eyewear very much remains a surf and snowboard lifestyle brand to date, producing sunglasses and clothing. Supported by some of the most phenomenal athletes in the world, Carve sunglasses is able to create exceptionally designed sunglasses for today's extreme sports.

Carve’s collection features a wide variety of bold colours and fierce designs. Carve eyewear are committed to producing great looking sunglasses at affordable prices.

Carve it up and Leave your mark on the world!