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Genuine since 1937.

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Combining timeless style with authenticity and innovation, Ray-Ban is a leading brand for high-quality sunglasses and prescription eyewear. Since introducing the enormously popular Aviator and Wayfarer model, Ray-Ban has been a symbol of rebellion and individuality while possessing an unmatched coolness. Synonymous with the golden age of Hollywood and worn by film icons and celebrities for decades, there is perhaps no sunglass manufacturer more influential on American pop culture than Ray-Ban. Genuine since 1937, Ray-Ban's rich brand heritage and premium lens technology continue to pave the way for innovative design and optics with unrivalled style.

Discover the iconic range of Ray-Ban sunglasses which includes timeless shapes from the past reimagined with contemporary technology that reflect the rich heritage of the brand. See the styles that will stand the test of time such as the Aviator, Wayfarer, Clubmaster and Round, available with modern flash lenses, G-15 glass and state-of-the-art polarisation.

Ray-Ban: You're On

Ray-Ban's latest campaign celebrates living life as your most authentic self through the State Street RB2186 and Jack RB3565 sunglasses.

Blue Light Filtering Lenses

Explore Ray-Ban's most-wanted styles with Clear Blue Light and Evolve lenses for all-hours coverage and style, everywhere you go.

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